About Us

Genius demands many things.

First, it requires talent, without which, there is nothing. Then, it mandates nurturing – because genius must be allowed to grow. Genius must also be amplified -- so that the world can see.

And finally, genius must be fiercely protected.

At the law firm of James E. McMillan, that is exactly what we do – advocating for and defending the rights of today’s top artists, athletes and brands.

Entertainment law requires a certain type of understanding – the legal experience to represent talent in all matters of transactions, litigation and intellectual property; and the foresight to secure that talent’s future.

For over 16 years, we have been providing such services to some of the nation’s top musicians, athletes, songwriters, fashion mavens and popular brands. Led by one of the top attorneys in the field, we seek not just to secure each of our clients’ next deal, but their future career and financial well-being.